Intestinal Emergencies

Health Information – Traveler’s Diarrhea

What is Traveler’s Diarrhea? This is a disorder of the digestive tract that commonly affects travelers. It is usually accompanied by loose, watery stool and abdominal aches, resulting from ingestion of contaminated foods or unsafe drinking water. Although there is nothing serious about traveler’s diarrhea, it is usually unpleasant to have this kind of experience, …

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Intestinal Obstruction – Causes, Symptoms and Management

About Intestinal Obstruction Intestinal obstruction, which is also known as bowel obstruction, is the functional or mechanical obstruction of the intestines, disrupting the normal process and transit of digestion. It usually occurs anywhere within the duodenal area of the small intestines.  Intestinal obstruction is considered as a medical emergency and a life-threatening condition, because prolonged …

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