Treating Neck Pain

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Neck pain also known as a stiff neck is a common problem. After some days, the stiff neck will get better, and there are rare but severe signs. You can get neck pain if you sleep in an uncomfortable position, use your computer for long or strain your muscles at the gym while lifting. Sometimes stress and anxiety cause tension in the muscles around your neck which will lead to pain.

Neck pain also known as the stiff neck is a common problem
Neck pain also known as the stiff neck is a common problem


Managing Neck Pain at Home

Taking painkillers
If the neck pain is severe, you should take painkillers such as ibuprofen and paracetamol. You can also rub ibuprofen gel on the neck instead of taking tablets. You should always follow instructions that accompany the medication.

Use of hot water
Hold a bottle of hot water or a heat pack on your neck. It will reduce the pain and muscle spasms. Some prefer using cold water since they find it relieves the pain faster.

Sleep on a low and firm pillow
Whenever you have a stiff neck, you should use a low and firm pillow at night. A big pillow may force your neck to bend hence more pain.

Check your posture
When asleep avoid bad posture that will aggregate pain. Bad sleeping posture is mostly the cause of neck pains.

Avoid neck collars
Nobody is sure that neck collars actually relieve the pain. It’s better to keep your neck mobile for it to heal faster.

Avoid driving
You should not drive if you have a stiff neck. Whenever you are driving, turning your head can aggravate the pain. Whenever your neck is twisted, you can do neck exercises, like tilting your head carefully. Tilt your head down from one side to the other and from right to left. It will strengthen your neck and improve the movements.

How to Prevent Neck Pain

Good posture
Make sure any time you are sitting or standing you are in a good position. You should read more about what are the best postures for sitting or sitting in front of the PC.

Take regular breaks
When sitting at your desk, driving or in a place where your neck is in the same position, you should take regular breaks. Stretch your neck to avoid a stiff neck.

Relax your mind
If you feel stressed, you should relax your mind to help you ease the tension caused on your neck.

Avoid sleeping on your front
Whenever you sleep on your front, your head is not in line with your body. You should sleep with your head in line with the body.

Use one pillow and mattress firm
You should use one pillow because it is enough to help you keep your head in line with your body. Ensure the mattress is firm because a soft one will cause your neck to bend while you are sleeping.

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