Emergency First Aid Courses

Emergency First Aid Courses in Canada
Emergency First Aid Courses in Canada

Emergency first aid courses are one of the most popular courses offered to Canadians. Participants can select from a variety of providers and can partner the course with CPR level A or C.  The course traditionally includes training in CPR level A, however, participants have the option of selecting a higher level of CPR such as CPR level C. Part of the curriculum of emergency first aid training is certification in the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs). Successful participants receive a first-aid certificate that is valid for 3 years and meets several workplaces and academic standards for a number of provinces in Canada.

Locations and Registration:

To register for an emergency first aid course near you visit our emergency first aid locations page and select your area. We are partnered with varying providers, including St. Mark James Training through which we offer emergency first aid and CPR providers throughout Canada including Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Kelowna, Surrey, Saskatoon, Regina, Ottawa, and Winnipeg. We partner with the highest quality providers in your region.

Course Cost and Time:

The length of an emergency first aid course is 8 hours and is typically completed in one day, however, it can be taught in a two-day split. The cost of the course depends on the workplace-approved training provider and your location. Costs vary from $75-110. The course fee includes your manual, taxes, and workplace-approved certification.

Emergency First Aid CPR

Participants registering for the emergency first aid course may have the option of selecting the level of CPR they require. Students must receive CPR training when enrolled in emergency first aid.  CPR level A comes standard with the emergency first aid course, however, some workplace-approved providers allow candidates to select other CPR levels. A description of the CPR levels is as follows:

  • CPR level A- This level teaches participants basic CPR techniques to an adult by one rescuer.
  • CPR level C – This level teaches participants CPR rescue techniques for adults, children, and infants for single and dual rescuers

Contact your local workplace-approved training provider to determine if they offer the CPR level you require. CPR training is an essential component of emergency first aid.

Course Emergency First Aid Course Content: 

Emergency first aid involves training for recognition and treatment for basic first aid scenarios. Participants will learn to respond to heart attacks, respiratory emergencies, strokes, angina and shock, and injuries.

Below is a partial list of what you will learn in the emergency first aid course provided through any of the major Canadian credible providers:

  • Principles of first aid – Participants will learn about the basic principles involved in administering first aid.
  • Legal implications – Participants will learn about the legal implications of first aid including first aid on children and infants and first aid requirements at the workplace.
  • Anatomy and physiology – Prior to learning first aid and CPR, participants will learn basic anatomy and the physiological components involved during CPR.
  • Barrier Devices and Personal Protective Equipment – Participants will learn about disease transmission and barrier devices when administering first aid or CPR.
  • Unconscious patient assessment – Participants will learn how to assist an unconscious patient.
  • AED use and operation – Participants will learn how to use and administer automated external defibrillators.
  • Adult and Child Victim CPR – Participants will learn single-rescuer CPR techniques for adult and child victims.
  • Obstructed Airway conscious and unconscious victims – Participants will learn the skills and knowledge to recognize and treat adult and child patients with obstructed airways.
  • Respiratory Emergencies – Participants will learn to recognize and react to patients with asthma, hyperventilation, and anaphylaxis.
  • Circulatory Emergencies – Participants will learn to treat, recognize and provide care for patients with circulatory emergencies that include shock, major bleeding, heart attack, angina, stroke, and transient ischemic attacks.
  • Injury Management – Participants will learn to treat, recognize and provide care for patients with facial injuries and burns

Workplace-approved Credible Certification:

Upon successful completion of the emergency, first aid course participants will receive a workplace-approved emergency first aid, CPR, and AED certificate that is valid for 3 years. Certification can be issued as a wallet-sized card or in a large 8 x 11-inch wall mount certificate. The wallet-sized certificate meets Health Canada and workplace standards for individuals in many provinces and is valid throughout Canada. Upon completion of the course, the participant is registered with St Mark James.

Emergency First Aid Re-certification:

St Mark James offers participants emergency first aid renewal / re-certification courses that can be taken when your certification is about to expire. This course is available only in a number of provinces. The course varies in length depending on the province you are in. The re-certification course length is dependent on several factors including:

  • Size of the course
  • Knowledge and experience level of the candidates
  • Level of CPR certification included
  • Provincial regulations
  • workplace approved standards

Re-certification courses are not available in all provinces. Check with the provider in your area (select from our locations page) to determine if a recert course is available for you.

Workplace Occupational First Aid

Participants wanting to get certified in OFA level 1 (WorkSafe BC) certification should enroll in workplace emergency first aid courses. This course is available only with our providers (Vancouver First Aid) in British Columbia.

Why St Mark James / Vancouver First Aid?

  • We offer the most conveniently located courses throughout Canada
  • We believe in offering a superior product and the best price
  • We are fun and entertaining. We want you to have fun while you learn.
  • We strive to never cancel a course. We know that most of our customers require certification for their workplace.
  • Our cancellation policy. As long as you give us 72 hours’ notice before the course we will give you a full refund or help you transfer to the course that works better for you.

For more information about these components of emergency first aid enroll in a course or select the desired topic from the main or side menu.