St Mark James First Aid and CPR Re-Certifications

First aid and CPR re-certifications can be completed with almost any major provider. The main providers, such as the Lifesaving Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation, workplace approved and St. Johns Ambulance are all part of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). Each of the main providers follow the same CPR standards based on the recommendations from this committee. This makes it possible for re-certifications to be issued by each of these providers if the certificate is from any of the other providers. In other words, if you have a Lifesaving Society certificate, then you are eligible for a re-certification via the workplace approved. We deliver both workplace approved and Lifesaving Society first aid and CPR re-certs.

The benefits to a Re-certification course instead of a full course are as follows:

  • A renewal course is drastically shorter than a full course. A re-cert course can take as little as half the time as a full course.
  • A renewal course is significantly cheaper than a full course. A renewal course costs as little as half as much as a full course.
  • Candidates in a renewal course will have the opportunity to improve skills in areas that require improvement. Candidates will have the same curriculum as a full course, however, it will be in a condensed format.

To be eligible for a re-certification course a candidate must meet the following prerequisites:

  • A candidate must have completed a full course or a renewal course within the past 5 years. If a candidate has not previously completed this course or if it has been more than five years since the last course, he or she must redo the full course.
  • A candidate must have a certificate from a credible provider. Online awarded CPR or first aid certificates can not be re-certified. Eligible providers include the workplace approved, Lifesaving Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation and St. Johns Ambulance.
  • A candidate must have a certificate that has been issued in Canada. International certificates will only be accepted if the candidate has received approval from the Canadian provider. We can not issue a request, the candidate must request a transfer certificate.
The following is a list of courses that are available for re-certification.
First Aid and CPR Training:
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR level “A”
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR level “C”
Registration and Locations:
To register for a workplace approved or Lifesaving Society re-certification course select your location from the side menu bar or from the main menu bar. After selecting your location select the time and date that works for you. We have convenient and comfortable locations throughout Canada at the cheapest prices. We strive to never cancel a course because we understand that remaining certified is what a lot of people need for their job. We are here to help. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask.